In brief, state what happens when


In brief, state what happens when

1. Dry apricots are left for some time in pure water and later transferred to sugar solution.

2. A red blood cell is kept in concentrated salt solution.

3. The plasma membrane of a cell breaks down.

4. Rheo leaves are boiled in water first and then drop of sugar syrup is put on it.

5. Golgi apparatus is removed from the cell.


1. When placed in pure water, dry apricots swell up the due to endosmosis. On being transferred to sugar solution, they shrink due to exosmosis.

2. In concentrated salt solution, red blood cell will shrink and give a shrivelled appearance (crenation).

3. Breakdown of plasma membrane will result in death of the cell as protoplasmic structures will get dispersed.

4. Boiling shall kill the leaves. The dead leaves and their cells do not undergo plasmolysis.

5. Formation of Iysosomes, secretory and excretory vesicles will stop.

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