In the adjoining figure, name


In the adjoining figure, name
(i) six points
(ii) five lines segments
(iii) four rays
(iv) four lines
(v) four collinear points



(i) Points are A, B, C, D, P and R.

(ii) $\overline{E F}, \overline{G H}, \overline{F H}, \overline{E G}, \overline{M N}$

(iii) $\overrightarrow{E P}, \overrightarrow{G R}, \overrightarrow{H S}, \overrightarrow{F Q}$

(iv) $\overleftrightarrow{A B}, \overleftrightarrow{C D}, \overleftrightarrow{P Q}, \overleftrightarrow{R S}$

(v) Collinear points are $\mathrm{M}, \mathrm{E}, \mathrm{G}$ and $\mathrm{B}$.

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