Match each of the set on the left in the roster form with the same set on the right described in set-builder form:

(i) {1, 2, 3, 6}

(a) {xx is a prime number and a divisor of 6}


(ii) {2, 3}

(b) {xx is an odd natural number less than 10}


(iii) {M, A,T, H, E, I,C, S}

(c) {xx is natural number and divisor of 6}


(iv) {1, 3, 5, 7, 9} (d) {xx is a letter of the word MATHEMATICS}



(i) All the elements of this set are natural numbers as well as the divisors of 6. Therefore, (i) matches with (c).

(ii) It can be seen that 2 and 3 are prime numbers. They are also the divisors of 6.

Therefore, (ii) matches with (a).

(iii) All the elements of this set are letters of the word MATHEMATICS. Therefore, (iii) matches with (d).

(iv) All the elements of this set are odd natural numbers less than 10. Therefore, (iv) matches with (b).

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