Match List I with List II


Match List I with List II

Choose the correct answer from the options given below -

  1. $(a)-(i i),(b)-(i v),(c)-(i i i),(d)-(i)$

  2. $(a)-(i i),(b)-(i i i),(c)-(i v),(d)-(i)$

  3. $(a)-(i),(b)-(i i i),(c)-(i i),(d)-(i v)$

  4. $(a)-(i i i),(b)-(i i),(c)-(i),(d)-(i v)$

Correct Option: , 2



$(\mathrm{a}) \rightarrow(\mathrm{ii}),(\mathrm{b}) \rightarrow(\mathrm{iii}),(\mathrm{c}) \rightarrow(\mathrm{iv}),(\mathrm{d}) \rightarrow(\mathrm{i})$

By theory In isothermal process, temperature is constant. In isochoric process, volume is constant. In adiabatic process, heat content is constant. In isobaric process, pressure is constant.

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