Match List-I with List-II


Match List-I with List-II

Choose the correct answer from the options given below :

  1. $(\mathrm{a})-(\mathrm{ii}),(\mathrm{b})-(\mathrm{i}),(\mathrm{c})-(\mathrm{i} v),(\mathrm{d})-(\mathrm{iii})$

  2. (a) $-($ ii $),(b)-($ iv $),(c)-($ iii $),(d)-($ i $)$

  3. (a) $-($ iv $),($ b $)-($ ii $),($ c $)-($ iii $),($ d $)-($ i $)$

  4. $(\mathrm{a})-(\mathrm{i}),(\mathrm{b})-(\mathrm{i} v),(\mathrm{c})-(\mathrm{ii}),(\mathrm{d})-(\mathrm{iii})$

Correct Option: , 2


Range of visible region :

$390 n m-760 n m$


Violet Red

LiCl Crimson Red

$\mathrm{NaCl}$ Golden yellow

$\mathrm{RbCl}$ Violet

CsCl Blue

So Lid Which is crimson have wave length closed to red in the spectrum of visible region which is as per given data is.

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