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If $A=\left[\begin{array}{cccc}5 & -2 & 6 & 1 \\ 7 & 0 & 8 & -3 \\ \sqrt{2} & \frac{3}{5} & 4 & 3\end{array}\right]$ then write

i. the number of rows in $\mathrm{A}$,

ii. the number of columns in $A$,

iii. the order of the matrix $\mathbf{A}$,

iv. the number of all entries in A,

v. the elements $a_{23}, a_{31}, a_{14}, a_{33}, a_{22}$ of $A$.



(i) Number of rows $=3$

(ii) Number of columns $=4$

(iii) Order of matrix $=$ Number of rows $x$ Number of columns $=(3 \times 4)$

(iv) Number of entries $=$ (Number of rows) $\times$ (Number of columns)

$=3 \times 4$


(V) $a_{i j}=$ element of $i^{t h}$ row and $j^{t h}$ column







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