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' $n$ ' moles of an ideal gas undergoes a process $\mathrm{A} \rightarrow \mathrm{B}$ as shown in the figure. The maximum temperature

of the gas during the process will be :

  1. $\frac{9 \mathrm{P}_{0} \mathrm{~V}_{0}}{\mathrm{nR}}$

  2. $\frac{9 \mathrm{P}_{0} \mathrm{~V}_{0}}{4 \mathrm{nR}}$

  3. $\frac{3 \mathrm{P}_{0} \mathrm{~V}_{0}}{2 \mathrm{nR}}$

  4. $\frac{9 \mathrm{P}_{0} \mathrm{~V}_{0}}{2 \mathrm{n} \mathrm{R}}$

Correct Option: , 2


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