Solve this following


An electric bulb of 500 watt at 100 volt is used in a circuit having a $200 \mathrm{~V}$ supply. Calculate the resistance $R$ to be connected in series with the bulb so that the power delivered by the bulb is $500 \mathrm{~W}$.


  1. $20 \Omega$

  2. $30 \Omega$

  3. $5 \Omega$

  4. $10 \Omega$

Correct Option: 1


500 watt at $100 \mathrm{v}$



$\mathrm{i}=5 \mathrm{Amp}$

$\mathrm{V}=\mathrm{i} \times \mathrm{R}$


Ans. 1


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