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Complex $\mathrm{X}$ of composition $\mathrm{Cr}\left(\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}\right)_{6} \mathrm{Cl}_{n}$ has a spin only magnetic moment of $3.83$ BM. It reacts with $\mathrm{AgNO}_{3}$ and shows geometrical isomerism. The IUPAC nomenclature of $X$ is :

  1. Tetraaquadichlorido chromium

    $(\mathrm{II})$ chloride dihydrate

  2. Hexaaqua chromium (III) chloride

  3. Dichloridotetraaqua chromium

    (IV) chloride dihydrate

  4. Tetraaquadichlorido chromium(IV) chloride dihydrate

Correct Option: 1


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