Th correct statements among (a) to (d)


Th correct statements among (a) to (d) regarding $\mathrm{H}_{2}$ as a fuel are :

(a) It produces less pollutant than petrol

(b) A cylinder of compressed dihydrogen weighs $\sim 30$ times more than a petrol tank producing the same amount of energy

(c) Dihydrogen is stored in tanks of metal alloys like $\mathrm{NaNi}_{5}$

(d) On combustion, values of energy released per gram of liquid dihydrogen and LPG are 50 and $142 \mathrm{~kJ}$, respectively

  1. $b$ and d only

  2. a, b and c only

  3. b, c and d only

  4. a and c only

Correct Option: , 2


Option (a), (b) & (c) are correct answer (NCERT THEORY BASED)

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