The area of a square field is 60025 m


The area of a square field is 60025 m2. A man cycles along its boundary at 18 km/hr. In how much time will he return at the starting point?


Area of the square field = 60025 m2

The length of the square field would be the square root of 60025.

Using the long division method:

Hence, the length of the square field is 245 m.

The square has four sides, so the number of boundaries of the field is 4.

The distance covered by the man = 245 m ×">×× 4 = 980 m = 0.98 km

If the velocity v is 18 km/hr, the required time t can be calculated using the following formula:


$t=\frac{0.98}{18}=0.054 \mathrm{hr}=3$ minutes, 16 seconds

So, the man will return to the starting point after 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

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