The median of the following data is 525.


The median of the following data is 525. Find the missing frequency, if it is given that there are 100 observation in the data:\


Given: Median = 525

We prepare the cumulative frequency table, as given below.

Now, we have




So, $\frac{N}{2}=50$

Since median $=525$ so the median class is $500-600$.

Here, $l=500, f=20, F=36+f_{1}$ and $h=100$

We know that

Median $=l+\left\{\frac{\frac{N}{2}-F}{f}\right\} \times h$

$525=500+\left\{\frac{50-\left(36+f_{1}\right)}{20}\right\} \times 100$

$25=\frac{\left(14-f_{1}\right) \times 100}{20}$

$25 \times 20=1400-100 f_{1}$

$100 f_{1}=1400-500$



Putting the value of $f_{1}$ in (1), we get



Hence, the missing frequencies are 9 and 15.


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