Trace the path of sperm during ejaculation


Trace the path of sperm during ejaculation and mention the glands and their function associated with the male reproductive system.


Ejaculated sperms are the ones which are stored in epididymes. They are formed regularly in seminiferous tubules from where they pass through

vasa efferentia into epididymes. At the time of ejaculation, the sperms are first pushed through vasa deferentia, enter ejaculatory duct where they

receive secretion of seminal vesicles and then urinogenital duct where the secretion of prostate gland is poured to form semen. The urinogenital

duct is lubricated by secretion of a pair of Cowper’s glands (bulbourethral glands).

Secretion of Seminal Vesicles. Nourishment, activation and providing fluid medium for sperm transport.

Secretion of Prostates Gland. Motility of Sperms.

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