Two friends A and B are standing a distance x


Two friends $A$ and $B$ are standing a distance $x$ apart in an open field and wind is blowing from $A$ to $B$. A beats a drum and $B$ hears the sound $t_{1}$ time after he sees the event. $A$ and $B$ interchange their positions and the experiment is repeated. This time $B$ hears the drum $\mathrm{t}_{2}$ time after he sees the event. Calculate the velocity of sound in still air $v$ and the velocity of win $u$. Neglect the time light takes in travelling between the friends.


Initially, resultant velocity of sound $=v+u$


Later, resultant velocity of sound=v-u


Add (i) and (ii)



$u=\frac{x}{2}\left(t_{1} t_{z}\right)$

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