Two long current carrying thin wires,


Two long current carrying thin wires, both with current I, are held by the insulating threads of length $\mathrm{L}$ and are in equilibrium as shown in the figure, with threads making an angle ' $\theta$ ' with the vertical. If wires have mass $\lambda$ per unit length then the value of $\mathrm{I}$ is :-

( $g=$ gravitational acceleration)

  1. $2 \sqrt{\frac{\pi \mathrm{gL}}{\mu_{0}} \tan \theta}$

  2. $\sqrt{\frac{\pi \lambda \mathrm{gL}}{\mu_{0}} \tan \theta}$

  3. $\sin \theta \sqrt{\frac{\pi \lambda g L}{\mu_{0} \cos \theta}}$

  4. $2 \sin \theta \sqrt{\frac{\pi \lambda \mathrm{gL}}{\mu_{0} \cos \theta}}$

Correct Option: , 4


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