Water filled in two glasses


Water filled in two glasses $\mathrm{A}$ and $\mathrm{B}$ have $\mathrm{BOD}$ values of 10 and 20 , respectively. The correct statement regarding them, is:

  1.  $\mathrm{B}$ is more polluted than $\mathrm{A}$.

  2.  $\mathrm{A}$ is suitable for drinking, whereas $\mathrm{B}$ is not.

  3.  Both A and B are suitable for drinking.

  4. $\mathrm{A}$ is more polluted than $\mathrm{B}$.

Correct Option: 1


BOD indicates the amount of putrescible organic matter plesent in water. Therefore, a low BOD is an indicator of good quality water while a high BOD indicates polluted water.

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