What is placenta ?


What is placenta ? Mention its role during pregnancy. (CCE 2011, 2014)


Placenta: It is a special double layered, spongy tissue connection between the foetus and uternine wall found in pregnant females. It has finger-like outgrowths or villi which are in contact with blood sinuses present in the uterine wall.


  1. Attachment: Placenta attaches the foetus to uterine wall.
  2. Villi: Placenta has finger-like outgrowths or villi which develop a large surface area for fixation and absorption.
  3. Nutrients: Placenta picks up nutrients from mother’s blood and passes it to the blood of the foetus.
  4. Waste Products: Waste products produced by the foetus passes out through the placenta into mother’s blood.
  5. Gases: Foetus obtains oxygen supply from mother’s blood and eliminates carbon dioxide through placenta.

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