Write down the coordinates of each of the points A, B, C, D, E shown below:


Write down the coordinates of each of the points ABCDE shown below:



Draw perpendicular AL, BM, CN, DP and EQ on the X-axis.

(i) Distance of A from the Y-axis = OL = -6 units
Distance of A from the X-axis = AL = 5 units
Hence, the coordinates of A are (-6,5).

(ii) Distance of B from the Y-axis = OM = 5 units
Distance of B from the X-axis = BM = 4 units
Hence, the coordinates of B are (5,4).

(iii) Distance of C from the Y-axis = ON = -3 units
    Distance of C from the X-axis = CN = 2 units
    Hence, the coordinates of C are (-3,2).

(iv) Distance of D from the Y-axis = OP = 2 units
   Distance of D from the X-axis = DP = -2 units
    Hence, the coordinates of D are (2,-2).

(v) Distance of E from the Y-axis = OL = -1 units
     Distance of E from the X-axis = AL = -4 units
     Hence, the coordinates of E are (-1,-4).

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