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Relations and Functions Revision Videos - Class 12, JEE (Main+Advanced)

Through this video you will be able to revise Relation and Function Class 12 in Maths, an important Class 12 topic. This Video tutorial covering Domain, Range, Co-domain, composite functions and more. So it will help students to prepare for JEE and Other competitive exams like Comed-K, BITSAT etc. Mind Map is also shared in the revision video to learn all the important formulae. This revision technique will help you solve Relation and Function based questions like a topper and get a better score.


PART - 2

PART - 3


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Physics Revision Series by Saransh Gupta Sir (AIR-41, IIT-BOMBAY) Chemistry Revision Series by Prateek Gupta Sir  (IIT-BOMBAY, Metallurgy) Maths Revision Series by N.K. Gupta Sir (eSaral Co-founder)

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June 10, 2020, 7:16 p.m.
sir apka lecture bahut achha laga. thank you.

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