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Right hand Thumb Rule in Physics Class 12 | Magnetic Effects of Current

The right-hand thumb rule in Physics states that: to determine the direction of the magnetic force on a positive moving charge,ƒ, point the thumb of the right hand in the direction of v, the fingers in the direction of B, and a perpendicular to the palm points in the direction of F.

Right-Hand Thumb Rule:

If we grasp the conductor in the palm of the right hand so that the thumb points in the direction of the flow of current, then the direction in which the fingers curl, gives the direction of magnetic field lines. Right hand Thumb Rule in Physics For the current flowing through the conductor in the direction shown in fig. (a) or (b), both the rules predict that magnetic field lines will be in an anticlockwise direction when seen from above.

The magnetic field produced by a current-carrying straight conductor is of circular symmetry. The magnetic lines of force are concentric circles with the current-carrying conductor passing through their common center. The plane of the magnetic lines of force is perpendicular to the length of the conductor.  

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