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Tips to Score Maximum Marks in JEE Mains Exam

Tips to Score Maximum Marks in JEE Mains Exam

To get into IIT is the dream of every JEE Aspirant. Most of them started preparing for JEE from foundation classes while some realises their interest and inclination towards engineering after class 10th. Now for the aspirants who are preparing for 2020, few months left for JEE-Mains 2019. Many students started worrying on how to score good marks in JEE mains exam. During this time of preparation, aspirants have many more questions in their mind, Such as:

  • How to improve marks during mock test
  • How to score above 300 marks in JEE mains
  • How to attempt questions to score well in JEE mains
  • Where to practice JEE mains mock Test.
  • Where to get online test series for JEE Mains.

If you are seeking answer for any of the question above, then this article is for you!!

From last year, NTA (National Testing Agency) is conducting JEE Exam. From 2019 JEE mains exam held twice in year. In January and April.

Lot of hard work and practice is required to get a good score in JEE.

To score well in JEE mains, focus more on your learning & basic understanding of the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Click to watch Exam Pattern of JEE mains.

How to Study Physics for JEE Mains

Start with the basic concepts of Physics. Then memorize all the important Physics formulas for JEE Mains.

Practice makes everyone perfect so, practice questions more and more. Also practice previous year’s questions to make an idea on the question patterns that will appear in JEE mains. By practicing previous year questions, you will also get to know the most important chapters in JEE mains Physics. This will also help in strengthening your concepts and will make you familiar with a variety of questions asked in the exam.

Practice Mock Test on regular basis to improve score.

Don’t be overconfident. Sometimes it make mistakes if the question seems easy. Mostly mistakes are made in unit system where student ignore the difference between CGS and MKS systems. So, be easy-going and have the presence of mind while solving the problems.

How to Study Chemistry for JEE Mains

Chemistry comprises of three sections i.e., Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. The numerical questions are asked only from Physical Chemistry. Chemistry is a scoring subject in JEE mains Exam as the difficulty level of the questions in Chemistry is easier than the other two subjects i.e., Physics and Mathematics. That’s why, Chemistry is the easiest part of the JEE Main Examination for many students.

Learn all important formulas in Physical Chemistry which will help you to solve numerical problems in less time in JEE Main Examination 2020.

Don’t be overconfident. Chemistry is the easiest part of the JEE Examination. Therefore, some students did not give sufficient time to Chemistry subject. As a result, they score less marks in JEE Main Examination. They think that they can learn the complete subject within a month which is not possible.

How to study Mathematics for JEE Mains

For most of the aspirants, Math is one of the toughest subject among all three. Mostly, performance of JEE mains aspirants are affected by fear of mathematics.

To cope up with the fear of math, there is only one solution. Practice! Practice! And Practice! You can also make an actionable study plan to conquer the JEE Mains Mathematics Preparation.

An Ideal rule of solving mathematics problem is that never start with a challenging problem. If you can’t solve few basic problems, it will make you nervous & hence it will distress your complete performance in JEE Mains paper.

Solve the easier mathematical problems first & then progress towards the challenging ones.

The more you practice Mathematics, the less you make mistakes while solving problems and hence you will get good score in the JEE Mains.

Take mock tests and practice previous year questions to get first real look and feel of the examination. JEE Mains mock tests provide good practice and are a guide to judge your abilities. You can get mock test at eSaral app. eSaral also provides Topic-wise tests and offers more than 5 lakh questions to practice. For more details Click here.

It has been observed from the toppers talk that mock tests during exam preparation helped them a lot in managing time as well as scoring well in JEE mains exam paper. Hence Mock tests plays an important role in scoring good marks.

Finally, I would like to say have faith in yourself and be confident on your learning and preparation for JEE exam. Focus on every subject individually to score well.

Hope you liked reading the above post. Please share it with your friends to help them in getting the relevant information. Stay motivated and keep learning from eSaral!!!

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