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UP Board Class 12 Syllabus 2020 | Download PDF

UP Board Class 12 Syllabus 2020 | Download PDF
UP Board has finally opted for the NCERT Syllabus for UP Board Class 9th-12th from 2018. This syllabus brings a bit of change in the Exam Pattern of class 12th UP Board. UP Board will now follow the single paper pattern. Earlier UP Board used to take 2 papers in almost every subject in order to conduct exams. Now UP Board will follow the pattern as of CBSE. This pattern has reduced the month of exams to almost half. This new Exam Pattern for UP Board 12th Class may create troubles for the students as they have to pursue a completely different UP Board Class 12 SyllabusOn the other hand, the new exam pattern will help students to get themselves prepared for competition exams. UP Board Class 12th Exams – Weightage:
  • Theoretical Paper- 70 Marks
  • Practical/Project/Internals – 30 Marks
Students should be focused in Internal exams as well as project work as it carries weightage of 30% in the UP Board 12th Exams Syllabus.
Download Class 12th UP Board Syllabus
Advantages of NCERT pattern for UP Board students:
  • The revised Syllabus of UP Board is more beneficial for students and it will assist them to manage up with current demands.
  • This can be turned as an opportunity for the students who wish to simultaneously prepare for the competitive examination through the NCERT syllabus.
  • NCERT books offers in-depth knowledge in easy language.
Students should understand the fact that the syllabus acts as the course planning tool. It describes the course goals; explains the course structure and assignments, exams, review sessions, and other activities required for students to learn the material more effectively. So, it’s very essential for students to go through the syllabus of each subject before they move ahead with their studies.
With NCERT Books and CBSE Pattern, UP Board has also introduced a single paper pattern. Earlier there were 2 papers for every subject now UP board has cut down it to only 1 paper which will reduce no. of exams to almost half.

UP Board 12th Model Test Papers 

UP Board Class 12th Model Test Papers will help you to get a better overview of the UP Board 12th exam pattern. You will understand the Exam as well as the question pattern and will be able to prepare for exams in a better way.   Download eSaral App for free Video Tutorials for JEE | NEET | Olympiad Preparation. 

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