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What are the types of Inertia?

What are the types of Inertia?

Types of Inertia

Inertia of rest: Inertia of rest is the inability of the body to change its state of rest by itself.\

Examples of inertia of rest :

  1. A person standing in a bus falls backward when the bus suddenly starts moving.
  2. The leaves or fruits from a tree fall just at the instant when we shake the tree.
  3. The dust particles inside a woolen blanket fall off when it is beaten by a stick.
  4. When a stone hits a windowpane, the glass is broken into a number of pieces whereas if the high-speed bullet strikes the pane, it leaves a clean hole.

Inertia of motion: Inertia of motion is the inability of the body to change its state of motion by itself.

Examples of inertia of motion :

  1. A man getting down of a moving bus or train falls forward.
  2. Before taking a long jump an athlete runs for some distance.
  3. A ball thrown upwards in a running train continues to move along with the train.

Inertia of direction: It is the inability of the body to change its direction of motion by itself.

  1. When a car suddenly takes a bend, the passengers are thrown in the outward direction.
  2. A body released from a balloon rising up continues to move in the direction of the balloon.


  1. If a person sitting in a train moving with uniform velocity and facing the direction of motion of the train throws a coin vertically up, then the coin will fall back in his hand.
  2. If the train is uniformly accelerated, the coin will fall behind him.
  3. If the train is retarded uniformly, then the coin will fall in front of him.

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