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What are types of Forces?

What are types of Forces?

Types of Forces

(a) Field Forces or Range Forces :

These are the forces in which contact between two objects is not necessary.

Ex. (i) Gravitational force between two bodies.

(ii) Electrostatic force between two charges.

(iii) Weight of a body.

(b) Contact Forces :

When a force involves direct contact between two bodies. One body exerts a force on another because of the contact between them. These forces originate with the atoms of each body - each atom exerts a force on its neighbor (which may be an atom of another body). A contact force can be maintained only if it does not exceed the interatomic forces within either of the bodies; otherwise, the binding between atoms can be overcome and the string or the surface will split into pieces. Contact forces include the pushes or pull with your hand.

Ex. (i) Force of rope pulling on a block to which it is tied.

(ii) Tension in the string, and normal forces.

(iii) Frictional force

(c) Attachment to Another Body :

Tension $(T)$ in a string and spring force $(F=k x)$ come in this group.

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