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What is Projectile Motion?

What is Projectile Motion?

Projectile Motion

A body which is in flight through the atmosphere but is not propelled by any fuel is called a projectile. A body or particle moving in the atmosphere under the effect of gravity only. The motion of the projectile is a two-dimensional motion in a vertical plane. Ex. Stone thrown in the air by a boy, Bullet fired from a gun, Javelin thrown by an athlete, Football kicked by a player, Bomb released from an airplane in flight. Trajectory: Path followed by a projectile is known as the trajectory of a projectile. When we consider the motion of a projectile, the following assumptions are made : (i) There is no resistance due to air. (ii) No effect due to curvature of the earth. (iii) No effect due to rotation of the earth. (iv) For all points on trajectory acc. due to gravity $\mathrm{g}$ (which is downward) remains same. Two types of projectile motion : (i) Horizontal projectile: Body projected horizontally from a certain height with a certain velocity. (ii) Oblique Projectile: Body projected at a certain angle with the horizontal. Also Read JEE Physics Notes To watch Free Learning Videos on JEE by Kota’s top IITian Faculties Install the eSaral App

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