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CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes 2023-24

JEE Mains & Advanced

For Class 12 CBSE board exams, Revision notes are important for students to revise the concepts easily during exams. Revisions are precise versions of concepts learned by the students. These notes are important when they are prepared according to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Here we have provided the links and the overview of the revision notes for each subject namely, Maths, Science, and Physics,  provided by us.

For Class 12 Mathematics revision notes should be to help students revise the formulas easily and concisely without referring to the whole textbook for revision on exam day. NCERT text is presented in such a way that it assists students in building a strong foundation. We at eSaral have provided revision notes for class 12 maths in PDF form so that they can be downloaded from anywhere and at any time. They are additional study materials with NCERT books to be referred to.

For grasping important topics like electromagnetic induction and semiconductors one needs well-structured notes aligned according to the CBSE syllabus. We at eSaral provide all the revision notes for Physics in PDF form online with free access. These notes cover the full syllabus in precise form.

Topics like organic chemistry and chemical kinetics need well-developed notes as these topics are considered very tough and quite complex to understand. Students find it very hard to grasp and recall the concepts at the time of the exam. To get them revised in one go eSaral has brought revision notes to avoid any type of anxiety before exams. 

For CBSE class 12 revision notes you can explore various resources provided at our site and take benefits. All the study material at the site is available in PDF form which can be accessed from anywhere and in any time zone. Students can download NCERT books

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes for Board Exams 


  • Revision notes provide a simple understanding of complex topics and gather all the concepts, and formulas, in one place to avoid any type of anxiety during exams.

  • With the help of revision notes students solve questions and regular practicing questions enhance their time-managing capability during exams. By using revision notes all the fundamental concepts are being revised by students regularly. Hence students can manage their board exams.

  • Through revision notes, students can retain fundamental concepts and theories easily as regular revisions and practices are the key to success and to crack the board exams.

  • Through targeted practices, students through sample papers and solving more and more questions help students be confident in knowing the format of exams and the pattern of questions that may be asked in exams.


  • A subject like Chemistry demands clarity of basic concepts for developing the whole foundations to prepare for future exams. By solving the revision notes the students can work and improve their fundamentals.

  • Through revision notes, a student can review their basic concepts and cover the vast syllabus in a focused way enabling them to prepare for exams smartly.

  • Sometimes revision notes come up with small practice questions by solving them students can identify the concepts and recall the important formulas and theorems regularly. This technique is very effective and helps them during exams.


Biology is more or less a theoretical subject that is explained through diagrams and students can clear their concepts through diagrams. Revision notes here play a vital role in remembering each topic thoroughly and students can grasp the concepts easily. Revising timely and solving questions makes it easier for them to recall the answers during exams easily. This helps them in managing their time and solving the paper during the given period.


Maths is a very tough subject and it scares many students during exams. Many students only manage to score minimum passing pass marks despite studying whole concepts. Many reasons behind this are time revision and practice. Revision Notes help students to memorize important formulas and theorems regularly. Revision notes help them to practice more and more questions based on the given concept. This helps students during exams since they are well-equipped and can solve exam questions without panic.


English is the universal language used for communication all over the world. The syllabus of English includes essay writing, reading, letter writing, and all reading and writing skills. Students have to practice more and more questions to improve their reading and writing skills and score well in exams. Revision notes play a pivotal role in shaping the knowledge and strong foundation for learning this universal language.

Why is eSaral the best platform for Class 12 Online classes?

eSaral offers easy lessons on its platform which are curated most simply. This platform covers all subjects of class including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English all subjects in one place. You don’t have to go anywhere hovering different sites for each subject’s study material.

eSaral offers you the study material in video and notes form which students can access in the way they find convenient. They can watch videos several times and can understand the topic easily.

We provide various test series and mock tests to help you prepare for the exam. These are prepared on the exam pattern. You are prepared thoroughly for exams by going through these mock tests and other test series. We provide one-to-one interaction between students and the faculty in case of any doubts on any topic.


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