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Important Questions for Class 10

JEE Mains & Advanced

Class 10 is a very important  stage for the students. Students have reached the final year of secondary education and will proceed to the next level of higher secondary education. All the subjects taught at this level need the highest attention and preparation for class 10th. To make the preparation better, students can download and practise CBSE Important Questions Class 10 for the respective subjects. 

As mentioned in the upper section, this is a very important phase of the academic curriculum of the students. The subjects included in the Class 10 syllabus will need your proper attention to develop the conceptual foundation. Hence,preparing all the chapters by giving the same effort will be compulsory for a better score.

This is where the experts of eSaral have compiled the Important Questions for Class 10 Science and other subjects. Apart from the exercise questions, these lists of questions can be used to solve and proceed with the given syllabus. For example, when a student finishes studying a chapter, he or she will proceed to solve the exercise questions and seek solutions. To test their preparation level, they can solve these important questions for that chapter and find out.

The solutions given with each list of important questions for all subjects and chapters of CBSE Class 10 comprise accurate answers. For example, the Important Questions for Class 10 Maths will have the solutions framed following the concepts and fundamental principles taught in the chapters. The answers to the important questions will display stepwise methods to follow and escalate your answering skills.

Math and Science are both subjects integral to a student’s academic record, especially if they are taking their board exams in Grade 10. It is very important that you have a focused approach to studying the two subjects while preparing for their board exams, and an important question for CBSE Class 10 with answers in free PDF download is a tool that is sure to help. Getting a good score in both of the subjects will help in securing a place in the Science stream, especially if students wish to pursue engineering and medicine.

A strong academic record in Maths and Science also guarantees a smooth preparation for entrance examinations and admissions to desired colleges. Our expert team offers important questions in NCERT Class 10 with answers in free PDF download format for students taking their board exams. The questions are available online for students to access and enhance their skills and they can get a chance of securing higher grades. These Important questions for Class 10 serve as a manual for students to refer to the important chapters in Maths and Science. Students can also download the important questions for Class 10 chapter wise. 

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 10 Important Questions for Exams

The questions have been designed following the latest syllabus and cover all the topics included in a chapter. It means students can easily learn how to use these concepts and the contexts of the chapters to formulate accurate answers.

The questions can be used to find out your preparation level and focus on the chapters that you need to give more attention. You can practice answering these important questions and compare yours with the solutions to learn how to answer such questions.

You can develop your conceptual foundation by checking how skilfully the experts have framed answers in simpler versions. You can follow these formats and versions to score more in the exams.

Benefits of NCERT Solution for Class 10 Science

For students who are planning on giving the CBSE examination, it is very important to have these NCERT Solutions for the class 10 science chapters. These important questions solutions will help you prior to your exams as you can know more about the marking scheme, question pattern, difficulty level and nature of questions, section-wise marking and so much more. Following are some benefits of referring to these solutions. 

Learn Questions Prior to Your Examination 

By knowing the exam pattern of different questions, you can easily make sure that your preparation is on point. This way you are more confident and sure about taking the board exam and hence they get to score more marks. 

Practice More for Time management 

It cannot be denied that time management gets better and better with more practice as it helps in boosting the speed of answering the questions asked in your exams. So, with total awareness of the answers with the solutions provided by our expert and experienced teachers, you can efficiently manage time. 

Get Accurate Answers to Questions

One of the best things about the NCERT solutions that we have for class 10 is that these answers are prepared by teachers and masters who have enough experience in teaching their subject. 

Give A Stress-Free Examination 

While students might get anxious during board examinations with the help of these NCERT solutions, you can easily practice more and more which will further reduce their stress and make sure that they are able to perform well in the exams.

Benefits of NCERT Solution for Class 10 Maths

NCERT 10 Maths solutions PDF created at eSaral expert teachers is one of the most sought after study materials online. Our online learning ecosystem has everything the students need. You can go through the PDF and gain an in-depth understanding of the topics which prepares them for their final exams and also for their further studies. Some of the important features of the NCERT Maths solution Class 10 PDF are:

  • Step by step calculation of every question to improve understanding of every topic.

  • An exhaustive explanation of the problems to concept-based learning.

  • Update with the improvements made in the syllabus.

  • Categorised chapter wise to improve ease of use.

  • Great for revision and brushing up before examinations.

  • Additional questions to help you track your progress.

  • Follow an exam pattern to help you score well in the examinations.

  • These solutions are great for revision as the whole syllabus is consolidated in one solution PDF that makes it easier for the students to refer to before the exam.

  • Solutions are given in a simple easy to understand language. 

  • Extra solved questions are also provided so that students can refer to them while practicing extra questions

They are available to download for free on this eSaral website. You can download them at any point they feel necessary and start focussing on their preparation with the help of the solutions pdf.

Benefits of NCERT Solution for Class 10 Social Science 

NCERT solutions for Class 10 Social Science offer several benefits:

  • Class 10 Social Science provide in-depth coverage of the entire syllabus, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of concepts.

  • The solutions are organized in such a manner, making it easier for students to follow and grasp different topics.

  • NCERT solutions help in clearing doubts and understanding complex concepts by providing step-by-step explanations.

  • These solutions serve as vital resources for exam preparation, offering practice questions and answers to enhance problem-solving skills.

  • The solutions are written by our experienced subject matter experts, maintaining high educational standards and accuracy.

  • The language used in these NCERT solutions is simple and accessible, aiding students in grasping the content easily.

  • By solving problems and analyzing historical events, you can develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Why is eSaral the best platform for Class 10 online classes?

eSaral is an appropriate platform for students preparing for Class 10 examination. Candidates can access important questions and prepare them for examination. Moreover, the solutions are also available to refer to. You can also check the revision notes subject-wise and brush up the concepts. Moreover, the study material provided on eSaral is organized and invokes clarity for students. It is a one-stop platform to avail the best study material for Class 10 board exam 

We have made it easy for students to prepare for their exams. The important questions available on eSaral are extremely useful for students in Class 10. Personalized tuition can be costly, but eSaral bridges the gap by giving children a teacher to whom they can turn anytime they have a question for a reasonable charge.

eSaral has brought a paradigm shift in the way students can prepare for their exams. At this platform, we provide a one-stop solution to student woes of learning customised answers to questions with its downloadable format of 10th important question 2023. This kind of preparatory guide is especially helpful to aspirants studying in Class 10 as they have very little time to do all the preparation themselves. Personalized tuition could prove to be an expensive proposition and our team bridges this gap by providing students with a mentor to refer to whenever they have a question at an affordable fee.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: What are the important topics for Class 10 Science?

Ans: These are many important topics in Class 10 Science. Some of these important topics that you need to focus on include:


  • Chemical Reactions

  • Acids, Bases And Salts

  • Metals And Non-metals

  • Carbon And Its Compounds

  • Periodic Classification Of Elements


  • Life Process

  • Control And Coordination

  • Reproduction In Organisms

  • Heredity And Evolution

  • Our Environment


  • Electricity

  • Human Eye And The Colorful World

  • Light Reflection And Refraction 

  • Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current

  • Sources Of Energy

Question 2: Will the crucial questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics and Science with answers help me in achieving a score of 90+ in the board exam?

Ans: Yes, the important questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics and Science with answers will undoubtedly assist students in achieving a score of 90+ in the board examination. Our subject teacher expert curates and produces these questions, which are based on last year’s exam papers, NCERT textbooks, and numerous reference materials for Science and Mathematics. Following these solutions will allow you to discover the most successful problem-solving approach for Mathematics, as well as produce more exact and acceptable responses in your own way.



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