Chemistry in Everyday Life - JEE Main Previous Year Questions with Solutions

JEE Main Previous Year Papers Questions of Chemistry with Solutions are available at eSaral. Practicing JEE Mains chapter wise questions of Chemistry will help the JEE aspirants in realizing the question pattern as well as help in analyzing weak & strong areas. Simulator Previous Years AIEEE/JEE Mains Questions
Q. Which artificial sweetener contains chlorine ? (1) Aspartame (2) Saccharin (3) Sucralose (4) Alitame [JEE-Main(Online) - 2015]
Ans. (3)
Q. Thiol group is present in :- (1)Methionine (2) Cytosine (3) Cystine (4) Cysteine [JEE-Main-2016]
Ans. (4) Among 20 naturally occuring amino acids "Cysteine" has '– SH' or thiol functional group.
Q. The distillation technique most suited for separating glycerol from spent-lye in the soap industry is: (1) Distillation under reduced pressure (2) Simple distillation (3) Fractional distillation (4) Steam distillation (Jee-Main-2016)
Ans. (1) (1) Distillation under reduced pressure. Glycerol $\left(\mathrm{B} . \mathrm{P} .290^{\circ} \mathrm{C}\right)$ is separated from spent lye in the soap industry by distillation under reduced pressure, as for simple distillation very high temperature is required which might decompose the component.
Q. The predominant form of histamine present in human blood is $\left(\mathrm{pK}_{\mathrm{a}}\right.$, Histidine = 6.0) (1) (2) (3) (4)
Ans. (3)

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