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CRACK JEE 2020 | How to Prepare for JEE Main in last 2 Months

Less than 2 months remaining for JEE Main 2020 (July Attempt), but at the same time it is still possible to secure good percentile and an All India Rank to get qualified for JEE advanced and also to get admissions in some Top NIT’s. Read the complete article till the end to know How to Prepare for JEE Main in 2 Months. After a long wait the dates for JEE Main 2020 has finally been announced. The exam will be held between 18th and 23rd July 2020. Although students have had an extended preparation time ever since we got into preventive lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic. Students were finding it bit difficult to concentrate in the absence of a specific target exam date. Now the students do have a specific date in front of them to look forward to. Whenever there is less time remaining, you have to put more effort into your studies to practice enough questions for good JEE preparation.

JEE Main 2020 Exam Preparation Tips for Last two remaining months: 

1. Practice mock tests and solve previous year question papers

Solving previous year question papers of JEE Main and taking mock tests is extremely important to get a good rank in the exam. Attempt the various free mock tests available on eSaral App and get the feel of the actual exam and improve your time management skills.

Solve at least ONE full syllabus online test every week. Solve questions by applying your reasoning and analytical skills. Develop test taking strategy, it will evolve with more tests that you attempt. Also solve previous years JEE Main question paper bank. While taking the tests students should look at building the right exam temperament, adjusting the body clock and getting comfortable with test environment.

CLICK HERE for JEE MAIN Previous Year Topicwise Questions. 

2. Practice more and more conceptual problems and Clear your Doubts.

No matter what how big or small your doubt is, get it cleared. Download eSaral App & we will assist you in clarifying your doubts about a particular topic related to JEE Main. For clearing doubts on important topics and concepts, you can join a crash course.

Crash Course will also help you to complete class 11 & 12 JEE Topics covering both Mains & Advanced syllabus with complete package of test series. To know more about JEE 2020 Crash Course, CLICK HERE

3. Effective Revision | Technique

Ensure you make a checklist of JEE Main syllabus with the list of topics/units against each subject - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Tick off the important topics as and when you are done with revising the particular topic.

For Quick Revision with Mind- Maps Visit the given Links Below:

JEE Main is not difficult, rather it is predictable and tricky. Hence, clarity of concept and familiarity with the question type is essential to do well, so revision of concepts is the key. Prepare a list of concepts, topic-wise. Keep marking the concepts which are your weak areas. Keep referring to the notes&important formulae. 

It is extremely important to be in question solving mode. So, after revising every concept/topic, solve an unsolved question. One must NOT refer to solution without an attempt to solve the question. So, sufficient time must be devoted. Identify mistakes and/or weak area & fix them instantly.You have to be quick and accurate too. 

4. Effective Revision with the help of Mind Maps & Flashcards

Have a large stack of flashcards handy. It should contain all the important JEE Main formulae, concepts and diagrams. These could also be used in the last minutes before JEE Main.Here are the list of Complete Mind Maps for Organic Chemistry & Physics

5. Analyse & Strengthen your weak areas

Every time you take a mock test, Analyze your mistakes and weak areas. Work on the subjects, topics and units which are you are weak at. Resolve and strengthen them well before the actual exam takes place. 

6. Performance Analysis during practice test

Analyze your performance after every test. Subject wise weak areas needs to be identified and revisit those concepts all over again to eradicate them. Attempt Mock Tests available on eSaral App to get an instant test analysis with performance report.

Don’t panic about less months remaining for JEE preparation. You just need to focus on more study hours and practice to crack the JEE exam in remaining time. Your preparation in these final months before the exam will have a major impact on your performance and JEE Main percentile, ranks and scores. Furthermore, your time management skills clubbed with a positive attitude will make your chances of getting into the top tech institutes of the country better. Remember, it’s important to utilize each day efficiently to secure success in JEE Main 2020. Stay away from social networking sites for a few month. Also maintain a good health, as fitness goal is paramount during this time. Light exercise, healthy diet, good sleep are the key aspects to remain fit. Take all necessary precaution as prescribed by our government & health department.  Whatever is the score in JEE Main 2020 January exam, there will be an option to increase score & percentile in the upcoming attempt of JEE Main 2020.
Always have a positive mindset and Believe it that whatever you have prepared is more than enough for exams. A positive mindset helps you to retain more and you will be able to score well in exams. Kindly share your reviews and let us know the queries regarding JEE Main 2020 Exam. Drop your messages in the comment box below & let us help you with the correct guidance. All the best :)  

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