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JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper Chapter-wise with Solution

JEE Mains & Advanced
JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper Chapter-wise with Solution
Here you will find JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers which are divided chapter-wise. All the JEE Mains Previous Year papers are provided with complete and detailed Solution. You can download them in the PDF format or you can also read them online. eSaral also provides JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper.

Download or View JEE Main Previous Year Questions


Physics Topicwise Previous Year Questions

Here is the list of all the physics chapter of class 11-12 which from which questions were asked in past JEE Main papers.
Chapters View Download
Kinematics 1D  View Download
Kinematics 2D View Download
Friction View Download
Work, Power & Energy  View Download
Centre of Mass & Collision View Download
Rotational Dynamics View Download
Gravitation  View Download
Calorimetry View Download
Elasticity  View Download
Thermal Expansion  View Download
Heat Transfer View Download
Kinetic Theory of Gases  View Download
Thermodynamics  View Download
Simple Harmonic Motion  View Download
Wave on String View Download
Sound Waves  View Download
Fluid Mechanics View Download
Electrostatics View Download
Current Electricity View Download
Capacitor  View Download
Magnetic Effect of Current View Download
Magnetism & Matter View Download
Electromagnetic Induction  View Download
Atomic Structure  View Download
Dual Nature of Matter View Download
Nuclear Physics  View Download
Radioactivity View Download
Semiconductors View Download
Communication System  View Download
Error in Measurement & Instruments View Download
Alternating Current View Download
Electromagnetic Wave View Download
Geometrical Optics  View Download
Wave Optics View Download
X-Rays View Download

Chemistry Topic-wise Previous Year Questions

Here is the list of all the chemistry chapter of class 11-12 which from which questions were asked in past JEE Main papers.
Chapters View Download
Atomic Structure View Download
Periodic Table View Download
Chemical Bonding View Download
Mole Concept View Download
States of Matter View Download
Thermodynamics  View Download
Thermochemistry View Download
Chemical Equilibrium View Download
Ionic Equilibrium View Download
Redox Reaction View Download
Hydrogen View Download
s-block View Download
P-bock View Download
IUPAC Nomenclature View Download
General Organic Chemistry View Download
Structural Isomerism View Download
Hydrocarbons View Download
Environmental Chemistry View Download
Solid State View Download
Halogen Derivatives View Download
Chemical Kinetics View Download
Electrochemistry View Download
Surface Chemistry View Download
Metallurgy View Download
d & f block View Download
Alcohol, Phenol & Ether View Download
Carbonyl Compounds View Download
Oxidation and Reduction View Download
Carboxylic Acid View Download
Salt Analysis View Download
Aromatic Compound  View Download
Biomolecule View Download
Polymer View Download
Chemistry in Everyday Life View Download

Mathematics Topic-wise Previous Year Questions

Here is the list of all the math chapter of class 11-12 which from which questions were asked in past JEE Main papers.
Chapters View Download
Compound Angle View Download
Quadratic Equation View Download
Sequence & series View Download
Trigonometric equation View Download
Height and Distance View Download
Point View Download
Straight Line View Download
Circles View Download
Parabola  View Download
Ellipse View Download
Hyperbola View Download
Permutation & Combination View Download
Binomial Theorem View Download
Complex Number View Download
Statistics View Download
Mathematical Induction View Download
Mathematical Reasoning  View Download
Sets View Download
Relation View Download
Limit View Download
Continuity View Download
Differentiability  View Download
Methods of Differentiation View Download
Tangent & Normal  View Download
Monotonicity View Download
Area Under the Curve View Download
Definite Integration  View Download
Differential Equation View Download
Matrices  View Download
Determinants View Download
3D Geometry View Download
Vector Algebra View Download
Probability View Download
The benefits of solving IIT-JEE previous years papers is that aspirants get to know the type of questions asked in the JEE exam. JEE aspirants can evaluate their preparation after finishing the entire syllabus, topics and chapters. They can get the experience of giving real exam while solving a past year JEE question paper to become confident for the upcoming JEE exam. Download eSaral app to study from free video tutorials for JEE & NEET by top IITian Faculties of Kota.

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