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JEE 2024 Strategy - Preparation strategy, Study Plan, and Things to avoid

JEE 2024 Strategy - Preparation strategy, Study Plan, and Things to avoid
Hey, students are you looking for the best strategy that you can use to Crack JEE 2024? If yes. Then read this detailed post till the end.

Every Year over 10 Lakh students appear for JEE Main exam to get a seat in the most prestigious engineering colleges of India like IIT, NIT, and IIIT. Because of huge competition, it is important for students to follow a proper strategy to achieve a good rank in JEE 2024.

If you start your preparation two years before your Target Exam (JEE 2024) then chances are high that you will crack the exam because both JEE Main & Advanced syllabus consists of topics from class 11 and 12 Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects.

JEE 2024 Preparation Strategy

To start your JEE preparation for 2024 exams you can follow the below steps.

Step 1 - Make a Schedule and try to follow.

Step 2 - Build a habit to study a little extra every single day.

Step 3 - Complete Practice sheets and assignments to build confidence.

Step 4 - Join a good Online course for JEE 2024 like JEE Early BrahMos Course by eSaral.

Step 5 - Learn concepts of all three subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

Step 6 - Do Practice every single day.

Step 7 - Get Mentorship from JEE experts.

How to Start Preparing For JEE Main & Advanced 2024 (JEE 2024 Study Plan)

  1. (Dream IIT) To start your preparation you need to First dream of getting into IIT.
  2. Start your preparation early. To start your JEE journey you can enroll in a good JEE 2024 online program.
  3. Divide your study time into small sessions, in initial days it could be 60 to 90 minutes long after that you can Increase the session time as you build a habit of seating for Long Hours.
  4. First, start with the class 10 syllabus along with the class 11 syllabus.
  5. In the initial days of your JEE journey, you should give 60% of your time to the class 11 syllabus, and rest time you can prepare for your class 10 topics.
  6. Don't skip any topic of JEE syllabus if you are facing any difficulties understanding concepts then you can watch a video lecture on that topic. If you are not enrolled in any JEE program then you can understand important topics of JEE by watching free learning videos on eSaral YouTube channel.
  7. Once you complete the topic the next step is to solve practice problems. If you want to get a good rank in your JEE exam then it is super important to solve practice problems to improve your speed.
  8. To get a good rank in JEE Main and Advanced 2024 exam you need to make sure that you learn and understand all the topics of your syllabus.
  9. After solving practice problems you need to learn about the other ways of solving that same problem, the goal is to find the other approaches to solve the problem. You can also refer to the other solutions after solving the problem.
  10. Once you complete the chapter the next thing is to test your knowledge. To check your knowledge or to get the idea about which topics you are good in and which topics you need to work on you need to appear in the Test series or you need to give a Topic wise test. By Appearing in the test series you will get an idea about what kind of silly mistakes you are making. once you get the Idea about your mistakes you can work on improving those mistakes.
  11. Make your Notes. Good Handwritten notes are super important for you if you want to get a good rank in JEE exam. If you have good handwritten notes you can quickly revise all topics before the exam. If you want you can also take the printout of eSaral Mind Maps and for revision, you can also watch our Free JEE revision series on YouTube.
  12. Clear all your Doubts. If you are facing a problem with any concept then discuss it with your teacher.
  13. Start your Revision early. If you want to get a good rank in your JEE Main & Advanced 2024 exam then you should complete your syllabus and start revision early.
  14. Stay Positive, and Determined
  15. Don't Procrastinate and Don't give up.
  16. Take 6 to 8 hours of good sleep every day.

JEE (Main & Advanced) 2024 Syllabus

Things to Avoid During JEE Main & Advanced 2024 Preparation

  • Social Media and Online Gaming Addiction: If you want to crack JEE 2024 then try to avoid unnecessary distractions such as Social Media, Online gaming, and watching TV excessively. [embed][/embed]
  • Not Building a habit of study: Always try to be consistent, whatever you learn in class revise it before the next class. [embed][/embed]
  • Backlogs:  If you want to get a good rank in JEE Main 2024 Exam then try to avoid Backlogs. Always try to complete your weekly study targets. [embed][/embed]
  • Not Appearing in Test Series: If you want to know which topics you are good in and in which topics you need to work more then you should participate in the Test series. [embed][/embed]
  • Stop Procrastination: Always try to complete your Daily, Weekly, or Monthly tasks on time. [embed][/embed]
  • Not getting proper guidance and Mentorship from Experts: If you want to crack JEE then take guidance and mentorship from people who have already done it. [embed][/embed]

Best Books for JEE Main & Advanced

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