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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 5 Exercise 5.5 Continuity and Differentiability - PDF Download

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NCERT solutions for class 12 maths chapter 5 exercise 5.5 Continuity and Differentiability describes an important topic of logarithmic differentiation. Logarithmic differentiation is the process of differentiating a logarithmic function. The concepts of logs can be used to simplify difficult functions. As a result, finding the differential of an equation becomes simpler. The experts of mathematics at eSaral have developed the NCERT solutions of exercise 5.5 for benefits of the topic. Through the help of ex 5.5 class 12 maths chapter 5 NCERT solutions, you will be able to grasp the new concept and methods to apply them on solving questions.

Class 12 maths chapter 5 exercise 5.5 NCERT solutions consist of 18 questions related to finding the logarithmic differentiation functions. Solving the questions in ex 5.5 class 12 maths chapter 5 NCERT solutions are essential resources to gain an in-depth knowledge of methods and theorems required to solve logarithmic functions. 

Ex 5.5 class 12 maths solutions are available here in PDF format. You can download these free PDFs from the official website of eSaral. By practicing these solutions PDFs will provide you precise understanding of concepts to solve questions without any confusion. The link to download the NCERT solutions PDF is provided below.

Topics Covered in Exercise 5.5 Class 12 Mathematics Questions

Ex 5.5 class 12 maths chapter 5 is based on logarithmic differentiation which has been explained in detailed format by subject experts of eSaral. 


Logarithmic Differentiation

  1.  Logarithmic Differentiation

The process of utilizing logarithms to derive the derivatives of some complex functions is known as logarithmic differentiation. There are cases where it is easier to differentiate the logarithm of a given function than it is to differentiate the function itself. 

Logarithmic differentiation is a powerful technique to differentiate functions of the form 

                                  f(x) = [u (x)]v(x)

 Here both f(x) and u(x) need to be positive for this technique to make sense. 

By taking logarithm (to base e) the above may be rewritten as

                                  log y = v(x) log [u(x)]

Using chain rule we may differentiate this to get

$\frac{1}{y} \cdot \frac{d y}{d x}=v(x) \cdot \frac{1}{u(x)} \cdot u^{\prime}(x)+v^{\prime}(x) \cdot \log [u(x)]$

which implies that $\frac{d y}{d x}=y\left[\frac{v(x)}{u(x)} \cdot u^{\prime}(x)+v^{\prime}(x) \cdot \log [u(x)]\right]$

Tips for Solving Exercise 5.5 Class 12 Chapter 5 Continuity and Differentiability

Our experienced teachers of eSaral have combined some useful tips to solve exercise questions to promote good exam results. You can check them below.

  1. You should solve every sum of ex 5.5 given in NCERT solutions to fully understand the concepts. Learning through these solutions will assist you in getting familiar with the type of exam questions

  2. It is advised to do practice of complex questions in order to gain profound understanding.

  3. You should also solve the examples and important questions provided in NCERT solutions to learn the method step by step.  

Importance of Solving Ex 5.5 Class 12 Maths Chapter 5 Continuity and Differentiability

Students will be benefited by solving questions of ex 5.5 class 12 maths chapter 5. Here, eSaral’s expert faculties of mathematics have shared some essential benefits of solving ex 5.5 which you can find below.

  1. NCERT solutions for class 12 maths are beneficial, when students are having trouble answering the questions in ex 5.5 class 12 maths chapter 5.

  2. Class 12 maths chapter 5 exercise 5.5 NCERT solutions provides in-depth knowledge of logarithmic differentiation that helps you to solve exercise questions with ease.

  3. By practicing questions in NCERT solutions PDF will assist you in finding accurate and precise answers of each question to prepare for board exams.

  4. Practicing questions and revising concepts in NCERT solutions again and again will improve your time management and problem solving skills in examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logarithmic differentiation is helpful, when determining the function raised to the power of a variable or function.

You can get NCERT solutions PDF for exercise 5.5 class 12 maths chapter 5 on eSaral website. These solution PDFs can be downloaded online. You can practice all questions provided in NCERT solutions anytime at your own pace.


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