Match list-I with list-II :


Match list-I with list-II :

Choose the most appropriate answer from the option given below:

  1. $\mathrm{a}-\mathrm{i}, \mathrm{b}-\mathrm{iv}, \mathrm{c}-\mathrm{ii}, \mathrm{d}-\mathrm{iii}$

  2. a-ii, b-iii, c-i, d-iv

  3. a-ii, b-iii, c-iv, d-i

  4. a-ii, b-iv, c-iii, d-i

Correct Option: , 3


(a) Mercury $\rightarrow$ Distillation refining

(b) Copper $\rightarrow$ Electrolytic refining

(c) Silicon $\rightarrow$ Zone refining

(d) Nickel $\rightarrow$ Vapour phase refining

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