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Bohr Magneton: Unit of Bohr Magneton - Magnetism || Class 12 Physics Notes

Bohr Magneton is defined as the magnetic dipole moment associated with an atom due to orbital motion of an electron in the first orbit of hydrogen atom. This is the smallest value of magnetic moment. Unit of Bohr Magneton is-
  • In CGS units it is defined by the equation:

$\mu \mathrm{B}=(e \cdot h) / 2 m_{\mathrm{e}} \mathrm{c}$

  • In SI units it is defined by the equation:

$\mu_{\mathrm{B}}=e \cdot h / 2 m_{e}$

  1. The electron possesses magnetic moment due to its spin motion also $\overrightarrow{ M }_{ s }=\frac{ e }{ m _{ e }} \overrightarrow{ s }$ .where $\overrightarrow{ s }$ is spin angular momentum of electron and $S=\pm \frac{1}{2}\left(\frac{h}{2 \pi}\right)$
  2. The total magnetic moment of electron is the vector sum of its magnetic moments due to orbital and spin motion.
  3. The resultant angular momentum of the atom is given by vector sum of orbital and spin angular momentum due to all electrons. Total angular momentum $\vec{J}=\vec{L}+\vec{S}$
  4. The resultant magnetic moment $\overrightarrow{ M _{j}}=- g \left(\frac{ e }{2 m }\right) \overrightarrow{ J }$

where g is Lande's splitting factor which depends on state of an atom.

For pure orbital motion g = 1 and pure spin motion g = 2.

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