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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Biology - PDF Download

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The previous year question papers of CBSE Class 12 Biology are given in the table below, along with its solution PDF. Candidates must practise the CBSE previous year question papers of Class 12 Biology to prepare for the board exam efficiently.  Besides, CBSE class 12 will boost your confidence and help you to face the exam without any fear or anxiety. By solving these papers, you will effectively manage your time during the board exam and solve the paper in the allotted time. You will also find the solution PDF for each paper. The answers are given in a step-by-step format by keeping in mind the step marking guidelines by CBSE. These solved pyq will help the CBSE Class 12 students aware of step marking, and how to write answers to score more marks in exams.

CBSE Boards is one of the toughest and most important boards for any aspirant. Students are afraid of the examinations equivalent to completing the syllabus on time and getting time to prepare and study each topic thoroughly given in the syllabus by CBSE. So it should be kept in mind that proper preparation is the only thing that keeps you ahead of the fear of exams. So, you need to be very focused in order to score well in Class 12 so that you understand the topics of Class 12 and are ready for boards and competitive exams in the coming years. 

These board's examinations conducted by CBSE are one of the major examinations in a candidate's academic career. Needless to say, solving pyq can greatly help in academic preparations for upcoming examinations. We at eSaral strive to provide useful resources that can help you to achieve your goals. 

How to solve Class 12 Biology Previous Year Question Papers?

CBSE candidates can solve their class 12 Biology previous year question papers using the following tip given down below:

  • You can start by reading the full paper from start to end & try to recall the answers to these questions quickly.

  • Select any of the sections & start writing all the answers to that particular section in a sequential manner.

  • If you are not able to recall the answer to any question then leave a blank space for them & move to the next question. If you get some time after attempting all the questions then try to attempt the questions you left earlier with blank space.

  • Keep an eye on the clock all the time and work on solving the Biology question paper during exam.

  • In the last few minutes, double-check all your answers and make corrections to any mistakes made.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 12 Biology last Year Question Papers

Most of the candidates are already aware that solving CBSE class 12 Biology previous year question papers is very important for their board exams 2022-23.

Here is the listed down some of the benefits of solving CBSE class 12 Biology previous year question papers:

  • Solving CBSE class 12 Biology previous year question papers will help you in understanding the nature of questions that can be expected in the CBSE board exam.

  • Candidates can attempt these CBSE class 12 Biology previous year question papers by tracking the time spent on solving these question papers and checking their efficiency level.

  • Regularly solving CBSE class 12 Biology previous year question papers will help students in scoring high marks in their class 12 Biology board exam by working on their mistakes.

  • Solving CBSE class 12 Biology previous year question papers will also increase your speed, confidence and clear your basic concepts on each of the Biology class 12 topics.

  • These last year question papers will help students in self-analyzing their weakness and students can give more time and emphasis to those weak topics.

  • You can solve all the previous year question papers and make a note of all the important questions that were asked multiple times to be well-prepared for the Biology board exam 2022-23.

Class 12 Biology Question Paper Important Topics 

Chapter Name

Important Topic

Reproduction in Organisms

Modes of asexual reproduction

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Pre-Fertilization Events - Inbreeding depression - Double Fertilization

Human Reproduction

Gametogenesis, Fertilization, and Events of Pregnancy

Reproductive Health

Birth control methods - Sexually transmitted diseases - Techniques to treat infertility

Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Mendel’s Laws - Post-Mendelian Genetics - Chromosomal Disorders and Pedigree analysis

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Structure of DNA - Experiments by F. Griffith, Hershey & Chase, and Meselson & Stahl - Mechanism: replication, transcription, and translation - Salient features of genetic code - Lac Operon


Homologous and analogous organs - Adaptive radiation - Hardy-Weinberg principle

Human Health and Disease

Life cycle of Plasmodium - Causative agents of diseases and their mode of transmission - Difference between innate and adaptive immunity - AIDS and Drug Abuse

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Inbreeding and outbreeding - Single-cell protein

Microbes in Human Welfare

Microbes and their products - Sewage treatment - Biogas production

Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Restriction enzymes - Cloning vectors - Transformation processes

Organisms and Population

Bt cotton - RNA interference - Gene therapy - Genetically engineered insulin


Pyramids of number, energy, and biomass - Nutrient cycling - Ecological Succession

Biodiversity and Conservation

Causes of biodiversity losses

Environmental Issues

Air pollution - Eutrophication and Biomagnification

Class 12 Biology Question Paper Exam Pattern

Candidates have allocated a total of 3 hours to solve the entire paper of class 12 biology and have full marks 70 and the remaining 30 marks will be allocated for the practice exam conducted by your school and a fixed syllabus of practice will be followed for this. It is important to have a good understanding about the new pattern of CBSE class 12 biology given by CBSE.  To answering all the questions CBSE board applied lot of new things in class 12 Biology papers such as now the class 12 Biology paper consist of different types of questions having marks range 1 to 5.40% weightage is given to objective type questions and these are not only MCQ based but also consist of  fill in the blanks. This paper consists True and false, single sentence answers or short one liner answer type.

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Biology Examination

Know the Exam Pattern and Blueprint of Biology 

It is very essential to understand the CBSE Class XII Biology paper pattern. Knowledge of the exam pattern is helpful not only in determining the types of questions that will be asked but also in determining the marks distribution, which is a key point during the preparation. Exam Pattern also helps in planning ahead a strategy for preparation, such as which questions to attempt first, how much time to spend on each question, and so on. It will also help you save time during the exam. 

Stick to the Basics and the Syllabus

Candidates must thoroughly prepare the entire syllabus. The priority should be on mastering the concepts of each chapter. A good understanding of the NCERT textbook is required for examinations. Pay close attention to every line of your NCERT textbook, as well as the in-text questions and exercises, so that you'll be ready to handle any question in your board exam.

Use Diagrams and Important Terminologies to Your Advantage

To succeed in a theoretical and conceptual subject like Biology, you must know all of the key definitions, terminologies, and diagrams. Keep a separate book and notebook in which you can jot down all of the relevant definitions and terminologies and revise them at least twice a day. To be able to easily draw diagrams in the exam, practise as many as possible with precise labeling.

Revision of Important Topics

Although it is necessary to thoroughly read the entire syllabus, give special attention to the important concepts that carry greater weight. Also, work on last year's papers for class 12 biology and sample questions papers class 12 biology on a timely basis. Weightage of subject units in cbse biology past papers will give you an idea of the marking scheme in exam. 

Take Multiple Breaks

Biology is a theoretical and lengthy subject that can be stressful due to the fact that it includes theory, practicals, formulas, equations, and a variety of terms. To keep focused and fresh, you should take frequent short breaks during your studies. Remember to do some simple activities for a short period of time, exercise, and eat healthy foods.

Management of Time

It is very important to manage time during the exam in order to complete the exam paper within the specified time. Students should set deadlines for each section to help you manage your time. Don't get stuck on any particular question. Planning ahead of time can not only keep you organised, but it will also relieve you from stress. Here's an idea of how you could divide your time:

Section A: 10 minutes

Section B: 30 Minutes

Section C: 50 Minutes

Section D: 30 minutes

Section E: 1 Hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is it recommended by the experts to solve the previous year question papers for the preparation of the CBSE Board Class 12 Biology exam?

Answer: Without a doubt, it is suggested by so many experts in the education field that a you should have a go at solving the previous year question papers for their CBSE Class 12 Biology exam. The students are encouraged to even take up at least one previous year question paper to solve, which may guarantee that they are totally ready for their Class 12 board exam for any of the subjects. 

Question 2: How can a student boost their confidence level with the help of the previous year question papers for the CBSE Board Class 12 Biology exam? 

Answer: The manner in which it works is that a you can go ahead with solving previous year question papers for CBSE Board Class 12 Biology subject. After that you can do your further preparations based on the result of this. It can help in deciding how hard you need to focus on these subjects and on which topics, to know how you can be improved. Such an improvement is the way to mentally prepare a student for their CBSE Board exams mentally as well as boost their confidence in a major way.


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