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NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Maths Chapter 2 Exercise 2.4 Polynomials - PDF Download

Class 9

NCERT solutions class 9 maths chapter 2 ex 2.4 Polynomials contains questions related to the Algebraic identities which play an important role in Algebra. An algebraic identity is also known as an algebraic equation that holds the value as 'true' for all the specific values of the variables.

Class 9 maths chapter 2 exercise 2.4 NCERT solutions consists of 16 questions. It's important to remember these algebraic identities because they are important in the factoring techniques of  polynomials. NCERT maths solutions are prepared by our subject experts who make the learning process easy for students. 

You can download a free pdf of NCERT solutions from eSaral anytime, on any device, which will help you thoroughly revise the exercise and score high marks in the exams.

Topics Covered in Exercise 2.4 class 9 Mathematics Questions

NCERT solutions for class 9 maths chapter 2 ex 2.4 covers important identities related to factorizing the polynomials.


Algebraic Identities


List of Algebraic Identities

  1. Algebraic Identities - An identity is an equation that stays true regardless of the values assigned to  its variables. It can be used to simplify or rearrange algebraic equations, as both sides of an identity are interchangeable and can be substituted for each other at any time. 
  2. List of Algebraic Identities - There is a wide variety of identities due to the fact that the terms used in identity can be altered slightly and transformed into other identities.

Identity I : (x+y)2 = x2+2xy+y2

Identity II : (x-y)2 = x2-2xy+y2

Identity III : x2-y2=(x+y)(x-y)

Identity IV : (x+a)(x+b)=x2+(a+b)x+ab

Identity V : (x+y+z)=x2+y2+z2+2xy+2yz+2zx

Identity VI : (x+y)3=x3+y3+3xy(x+y)

Identity VII : (x-y)3=x3-y3-3xy(x-y)


Identity VIII : x3+y3+z3-3xyz=(x+y+z)(x2+y2+z2-xy-yz-zx)

Tips for Solving Exercise 2.4 class 9 chapter 2 Polynomials

NCERT solutions class 9 maths chapter 2 ex 2.4 will help the students to solve questions with the help of algebraic identities. Here are some tips which every student should follow before solving the exercise questions.

  1. NCERT solutions class 9 maths chapter 2 ex 2.4 will assist students in recognizing the essential algebraic identities, which are also the foundation of factorization. Therefore, it is recommended that students revise the factor theorem concept thoroughly prior to solving the questions in this exercise.

  2. Once the students are familiar with the basic concepts of these algebraic identities, it will enable them to progress further in the ex 2.4.

  3. NCERT solutions for class 9 maths chapter 2 ex 2.4 helps students learn about the concept of algebraic identities and their meaning. There are lots of problems in this exercise, so it's a great way for students to get a good grasp of the polynomial.

Importance of Solving Ex 2.4 class 9 Maths chapter 2 Polynomials

Here are benefits of solving ex 2.4 class 9 maths chapter 2 mentioned below.

  1. The subject matter experts have presented all the terms and concepts used in ex 2.4 in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

  2. NCERT solutions for class 9 ex 2.4 are available for free to download. Students can download these solutions from the eSaral website.

  3. Our academic team of mathematics has compiled a comprehensive set of NCERT solutions for ex 2.4, providing all the necessary information related to algebraic identities.

  4. Solving questions of ex 2.4 will boost the confidence of students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Name all the algebraic identities that are used in the NCERT solution for class 9 math 2.4?

Answer 1. Here are all the algebraic identities of chapter 2 ex 2.4.

  1. Identity I : (x+y)2 = x2+2xy+y2

  2. Identity II : (x-y)2 = x2-2xy+y2

  3. Identity III : x2-y2=(x+y)(x-y)

  4. Identity IV : (x+a)(x+b)=x2+(a+b)x+ab

  5. Identity V : (x+y+z)=x2+y2+z2+2xy+2yz+2zx

  6. Identity VI : (x+y)3=x3+y3+3xy(x+y)

  7. Identity VII : (x-y)3=x3-y3-3xy(x-y)


  1. Identity VIII : x3+y3+z3-3xyz=(x+y+z)(x2+y2+z2-xy-yz-zx)

Question 2. What is the best way to prepare for chapter 2 ex 2.4 class 9 maths for the exam?

Answer 2. To achieve full marks in this exercise, students need consistent practice. Students should practice all the NCERT questions and examples of this exercise to be thorough with the topics. Students need to write down all formulas so that they can remember them better and revise them easily. Attempt as many questions and examples of this exercise provided in NCERT solutions. You can also refer to the eSaral's solutions PDF. 


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