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NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Maths Chapter 6 Exercise 6.2 Lines and Angles - PDF Download

Class 9

NCERT solutions class 9 maths chapter 6 ex 6.2 Lines and Angles covers the topic of angles formed by a transversal intersecting a pair of parallel lines. These are referred to as alternate interior angles, corresponding angles, exterior angles, and more. Class 9 maths chapter 6 exercise 6.2 NCERT solutions has questions that are based on the properties of different angles.

Ex 6.2 class 9 maths chapter 6 NCERT solutions is composed of 5 questions. The objective of this exercise is to effectively cover the characteristics of the angles and their associated properties. eSaral offers a range of solutions designed by highly-skilled teachers of maths, which will not only assist students in achieving high scores in their board exams, but also in comprehending the topics. Our subject experts have compiled these solutions in PDF format. You can download those free PDF solutions from eSaral website for preparing for exams.

Topics Covered in Exercise 6.2 class 9 Mathematics Questions

Ex 6.2 class 9 maths solutions explains essencial topic of lines parallel to the same line and theorems. You can check them below.


Lines Parallel to the Same Line


Theorem 6.2

  1. Lines Parallel to the Same Line - If two lines are parallel with a common line then these two lines will also be parallel to each other. 
  2. Theorem 6.2 - Lines which are parallel to the same line are parallel to each other. 

Download the book and check the theorem and its proof given in the chapter 6 Lines and Angles. Link to download the book: Class 9 Math Book 

Tips for Solving Exercise 6.2 class 9 chapter 6 Lines and Angles 

In order to practice the questions given in class 9 maths chapter 6 ex 6.2 students need to become proficient in determining the different types of angles and concepts. Here are some of the tips provided by our experienced teachers of maths to be well versed with the topics and solving questions.

  1. Students need to practice all examples, definitions, and terms in order to understand the properties of angle, which will help them understand the topics in this exercise. 

  2. Students should learn all the basic theorems and concepts related to parallel lines to help them practice and solve the exercise questions.

Importance of Solving Ex 6.2 class 9 Maths chapter 6 Lines and Angles

NCERT solutions for class 9 chapter 6 ex 6.2 provides students with a structured study material that assists them in comprehending the lines and angles and related concepts. The following are some of the benefits associated with NCERT class 9 maths chapter 6 ex 6.2 solutions.

  1. eSaral’s solutions provide an accurate solution for each and every topic of ex 6.2 so that students can get the right solution for the exam.

  2. The clear language and organized structure of these solutions will help the aspirants to overcome all their doubts in this exercise. 

  3. NCERT solutions class 9 maths chapter 6 ex 6.2 can be used by the students for their preparation. With good preparation, students can achieve a high score in exams.

  4. Exercise 6.2 in NCERT class 9 maths is based on the fundamental concepts of parallel lines and transversal, which provide a clear comprehension of the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What are parallel lines in NCERT solutions class 9 maths chapter 6 ex 6.2?

Answer 2. Parallel Lines are coplanar straight lines that do not intersect at any point.

Question 2. What are the core concepts of NCERT solution class 9 maths exercise 6.2?

Answer 2. In this exercise, you will learn parallel lines and a transversal, different types of angles, like vertical opposite angles, and corresponding angles axioms formed by the intersections.


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