Magnetic Field due to Infinite Straight Conductor | Magnetic Effects of Current Class 12

Magnetic field due to long straight conductor

Here we will discuss all the cases involved in magnetic field due to Conductor such as Magnetic Field due to Infinite Straight Conductor, and many more discussed below: Consider a long straight conductor XY through which current I is flowing from $X$ to Y. Let $P$ be the observation point at a distance ‘r’ ‘from the conductor XY. Let us consider an infinitesimally small current element $\mathrm{CD}$ of length d\ell. Let s be the distance of $\mathrm{P}$ from the mid-point $\odot$ of the current element. Let $\theta$ be the angle which OP makes with the direction of current. The magnetic field at $P$ due to the current element $C D$ is $\mathrm{dB}=\frac{\mu_{0}}{4 \pi} \frac{\mathrm{Id} \ell \sin \theta}{\mathrm{s}^{2}}[\text { Biot-Savart’s law }]$ The magnetic field at P due to the whole of the conductor XY Case I : If the conductor is infinitely long, then $\theta_{1}=90^{\circ}$ and $\theta_{2}=90^{\circ}$ $\mathrm{B}=\frac{\mu_{0} \mathrm{I}}{4 \pi}\left[\sin \frac{\pi}{2}+\sin \left(\frac{\pi}{2}\right)\right]=\frac{\mu_{0} \mathrm{I}}{4 \pi \mathrm{r}}[1+1]=\frac{\mu_{0}}{4 \pi} \frac{2 \mathrm{I}}{\mathrm{r}}$ Or Case II : If conductor is of infinite length but one end is in front of point $P$ i.e. one end of conductor starts from point $N$ then $\theta_{1}=0^{\circ}$ and $\theta_{2}=90^{\circ}$                                               Case III : Conductor is finite length and point P is just in front of middle of the conductor Case IV :     Also Read: Biot Savart’s Law   Click here for the Video tutorials of Magnetic Effect of Current Class 12 About eSaral At eSaral we are offering a complete platform for IIT-JEE & NEET preparation. The main mission behind eSaral is to provide education to each and every student in India by eliminating the Geographic and Economic factors, as a nation’s progress and development depends on the availability of quality education to each and every one. With the blend of education & technology, eSaral team made the learning personalized & adaptive for everyone. For free video lectures and complete study material, Download eSaral APP.

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