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Advantages of Potentiometer Over Voltmeter - Current Electricity || Class 12, JEE & NEET

Potentiometer is defined as an instrument which is used for measuring an electromotive force (emf) by balancing emf against the potential difference that is produced by passing known amount of current. Here we will study about the advantages and disadvantages of Potentiometer. Also you'll get to know about the advantages of Potentiometer over Voltmeter.
  1. Advantages of Potentiometer
  2. Advantages of Potentiometer over Voltmeter
  3. Disadvantages of Potentiometer

Advantages of Potentiometer

  1. Potentiometer works on zero deflection method so possibility of error is very small.
  2. The standardization of potentiometer can be done directly with a standard cell.
  3.  This is highly sensitive so can be used to measure small emf’s.
  4.  For more accuracy the length of potentiometer wire can be increased according to requirement.
  5.  It does not draw any current from the circuit in which it is used for measurement.

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Advantages of Potentiometer over Voltmeter

Disadvantages of Potentiometer

  1. The use of Potentiometer is inconvenient.
  2. The area of cross-Section of potentiometer wire must be uniform which is practically not possible.
  3. During experiment the temperature of potentiometer wire must remain uniform. This is difficult because of flow of current.
  4. The major disadvantage is that it requires a large force to move their sliding contacts i.e. wiper. There is wear and tear due to movement of the wiper. It reduces the life of this transducer.
  5. Also, there is limited bandwidth.

Watch out the Video: Applications of Potentiometer & its Construction by Saransh Sir.



The Potentiometer and voltmeter both measures the emf in volts. The Potentiometer is used in a circuit where the accurate value of voltage is required. For approximate calculation, the voltmeter is used.


Physics Revision Series by Saransh Sir (AIR 41 in IIT-JEE). 

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how many advantages of potentiometer over voltmeter do we have

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